The Trump Revolution Model

Updated: Jan 15

In the wake of the Arab Spring, the US is experiencing a People’s Spring. The Arab Spring & QAnon protests are revolutionary “anti-establishment” movements that are opposed to the conventional social, political, and economic principles that underpin society. This is the essence of a Social Revolution: A People’s Freedom Movement.

The paradox about this People’s Freedom movement where individuals call themselves “Patriots” is the fact that the people who are “anti-establishment” are part of these very sectors. This equates to a potentially explosive situation since the Establishment is potentially “infiltrated” at all levels of Government and military. In addition to this, the people believe that they are Patriots fighting for God and Country.

In this sense, the Trump Revolution Model follows the playbook used by past dictators through the use of popular discontent against the Establishment as a driving force for an “Ideological Social Revolution.” This takes place when the Establishment is depicted as being so opposed the Patriots’ ideological values that they are deemed to be the source of the People’s fears and hopelessness. As the leader of an ideological revolution is God’s Chosen One, the intrinsic violence of a Freedom Movement against the Forces of Evil is vindicated.

An “Ideological Social Revolution” that opposes “Establishment” is better understood through the following insight: “People from the bourgeois classes used to ask me why we believed that a Revolution would be necessary, instead of working within the framework of the established political order and with the collaboration of the parties already in existence, for the purpose of improving those conditions which we considered unsound and injurious. A genuine Revolution that arises from a profound Ideological insight will always lead to a transformation: May we not speak of a Revolution when the chaotic conditions brought about by “parliamentary democracy” disappear? And, finally, it will be one of our future tasks to give the people a Constitution which will be in harmony with the real life of our people.”

For such a Revolution to be a success, it needs to be spearheaded by a leader who is vested with a Godly purpose, so that success brought about by extreme acts of violence is seen as a “blessing from God.” This is the secret for retaining the unconditional faith of the leader’s followers, as further exemplified by the leader of an Ideological Social Revolution that was brought about by acts of extreme Evil: “As I look back on the great work that has been done during the past four years you will understand quite well that my first feeling is simply one of thankfulness to our Almighty God for having allowed me to bring this work to success. He has blessed our labors and has enabled our people to come through all the obstacles which encompassed them on their way.” - Adolf Hitler - Speech before the Reichstag - January 30, 1937

In the US, the Ideological Social Revolution against the Establishment is also driven by the extreme forces opposing a society that is so divided that citizens end up fighting each other in armed conflicts that may ignite a Civil War.

Tensions fueled by the Q conspiracy campaign run by Trump have reached a crisis point where fighting for Trump against opposing forces equates to a battle for Good versus Evil, an ideological split that will naturally feed the tension required for producing civil unrest. When the movement that has gained the support of half of the US population identifies to a political party headed by God’s Chosen One and is ready to do whatever it takes to crush the party’s nemesis, the game is set and the pawns are ready for the Trump Revolution Model.

The Q campaign led by Trump has led millions of his followers to believe that they are in a Life and Death situation from which there is no other way out but by fighting for their ideological leader to remain in power. A US Spring could lead Days of Rage as in February 2011 in the Arab world where the unrest started in Tunisia and spread like wildfire throughout the whole Arab world, in Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Libya and Yemen. Revolutions usually lead to violent purges followed by a refugee crisis.

How can the world’s most powerful “democracy” be weakened to the point where half of its voters are ready and willing to have an Ideological Social Revolution? As “democracy” is an ideology, the seeds of a Revolution against the established order are sown by an ideological movement that is depicted as being Patriotic and that is cunningly crafted by the Q Conspiracy Campaign.

For a Conspiracy Campaign to be convincing and Anonymous, it requires an army of Digital Soldiers who are made to appear as un-related sole individuals. The tactical concept is similar to Guerilla Warfare. In the Trump Revolution Model, the basic tenet is that the “Patriot” movement is not only made-up of individuals who are un-identifiable but who are also spread throughout half of the population. The result of this Model is that the opponents to the regime are un-identifiable - they blend at all levels of government and society, they are part of the regular army that is supposed to defend the regime which is being opposed. The political opponent thus becomes un-defendable, because who is to say who is a member of the “Patriot” movement and what is the percentage of troops supposed to defend Establishment that will actually be on the offensive mode?

A People’s Revolution that is led by an ideology is based on the notion of a “just war” that will lead to utopia. An individual who is part of the People’s movement and who is ready for an armed fight to obtain regime change is seen as a “Patriot.”

The Trump Revolution Model is not a revolutionary concept in itself and takes its source from the original Ideological Social Revolution model which is described in “The Little Red Book.” Mao’s playbook provides a deeper insight into how this concept is formulated and how Trump, “the Red Tie”, has obtained the tactical content for the Q Campaign strategy. It is important to note that a successful People’s Revolution is intrinsically linked to a personality cult, just as the ownership of Mao’s concepts was linked to the cult of Mao himself.

As Mao’s philosophy is applied to the Trump Revolution Model, it is based on the following fundamental: “Changes in society are due chiefly to the development of the internal contradictions in society” for this “gives the impetus for the suppression of the old society by the new.” This is the role of the Q campaign: To focus on creating division in US civil society – a division that cannot be bridged as it is based on an ideological battle of Good versus Evil.

The success of the Q campaign is based on Mao’s premise that “a single spark can start a prairie fire.” When Mao developed his Revolution Model in 1930, the Chinese civil war began in 1945 and let to the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. For a leader whose campaign is based on an ideology and who wishes to suppress the very concept of an opposition, this is a successful model for the creation of a “People’s Republic of the USA.”

In Mao’s model, Revolutionary forces fight against Imperialist Aggression while in Trump’s adapted model, Imperialist Aggression is the equivalent of today’s fear of a New World Order.

“Policy is the starting point” as without it, the movement will be moving “blindly.” According to Mao: “If there is to be a Revolution, there is to be a Revolutionary Party” for without it “it is impossible to lead the working class and the broad masses” to defeat the current model of governance.

“Just as there is not a single thing in the world without a dual nature (this is the law of the unity of opposites),” Mao proposes spreading the idea that the Government is divorced from the people. The contradiction between the great masses of the people and established government is resolved by an Ideological Revolution. This division is created by the fear that “The People” are threatened by the “Establishment.” War is the ultimate way to resolve opposition when tensions are heightened. Mao theorized that "war is the continuation of politics" as there has never been a war that did not have a political character...

Mao states that a “revolutionary war is a war of the masses; only mobilizing the masses and relying on them can wage it. What is a true bastion of iron? It is the masses, the millions upon millions of people who genuinely and sincerely support the Revolution.– A tactical social media campaign like Q leads to this very outcome: mobilizing the masses to obtain 74 million voters who follow Q faithfully.

Information exchange is the lifeblood of the movement as it gives it its driving force. The Q indoctrination leads to the infiltration of the civilian masses at all levels including the armed forces in a way that challenges the very existence of defense against an invisible enemy - It is the concept of “converting” doorkeepers.

The Q Campaign strategy follows Mao’s advice that states that: “To link oneself with the masses, one must act in accordance with the needs and wishes of the masses - Ideological education is the key link to be grasped in uniting the whole Party for great political struggles. Unless this is done, the Party cannot accomplish any of its political tasks.” When a Political Party highjacks an ideology to carry out its political struggles, added to a rally-call to fight for the freedom of the nation, the movement gains the rationale and momentum to carry out what it deems to be a “just war.”

For Mao reasons that “the history of mankind is one of continuous development from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom.” Therefore, the People's Liberation Army is a fighting force to be reckoned with, for “an upsurge of the movement is a colossal event. They will smash all the trammels that bind them and rush forward along the road to liberation.”

When the Q Propaganda Phase is completed, the result is an undefinable number of people of various backgrounds and in various positions who are completely un-related to each other but who have been indoctrinated to become extremists. This creation of a base of civilians transformed into potential “Anonymous” terrorists is not a coincidence as the practical aspect of the theory “On Guerilla Warfare” by Mao Zedong, explains how the principles of guerilla warfare “can only succeed if employed by revolutionaries because it is a political and military style. Guerrilla warfare is associated with a Revolutionary movement as it depends on the support of the local population” – this in turn increases popular support against the Establishment. The “guerrilla,” who is an “Anonymous Patriot,” has the advantage of mobility, secrecy, and surprise. Social media can lead to the creation of guerrilla units that are “independent of higher leadership because they may need to function without it.”

As the most important aspect in the creation of revolutionaries is complete loyalty, the use of the most widespread ideology is the perfect vehicle to achieve unconditional loyalty. A leader who is vested in an ideology can focus on exacerbating popular discontent against a sitting regime to such a point that it can lead his followers to armed conflict. When propaganda material labels followers who are ready to take up arms as “patriots,” a fight that is ideological becomes a fight against Establishment.

An Islamic Republic can be modeled by the leader of an Ideological Revolution to create a Christian Republic. When armed conflict arises between a government and civilians, this can perversely increase the popularity of the Revolutionary Leader who is seen as a Savior leading his people to freedom against oppression.

If the ideals of a Christian Republic may have a democratic façade, the very concept of democracy is to maintain a strong opposition in order to ensure the representation of minority groups. An earthly government that wipes-out opposition is also opposed to the Christian notion of Love your Enemies and to that of a spiritual kingdom under God. It will result in a perversion of the Christian faith that will create extreme opposing ideological forces that will drive hatred against Christianity.

To conclude, whereas the Trump Revolution Model driven by un-Christian words and acts of violence is not a drill, it is good to ponder that the social divide within the US is similar to a kingdom divided and “if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” – Mark 3:24

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