The 10 Steps of a Q/Trump-model Political Digital Warfare

Updated: Jan 18

– All can see the tactics Trump uses in overt operations, but none can see the covert strategy that leads to his victory in increasing his popularity and in bonding his followers to him unconditionally…

Political Digital Warfare consists of Psychological Operations (PSYOP) by Digital Soldiers - All warfare is based on deception as, in order to avoid confronting directly what is strong, it is better to strike covertly at what is weak. In Digital Warfare, this means striking with information crafted to have an impact on the emotions of the target group and to derive strategies to keep repeated assaults on their minds. This will suspend their capacity to reason objectively and will induce new thought patterns that will lead to large-scale behavioral change.

The Ten Steps of a Trump-model Political Digital Warfare:

1) Create a Secret Brand – like QAnon – that delivers sufficient Mystery to create a thirst for more “high-level insider information” that is “confidential.” Deny any knowledge about the “mystery” brand – tell the media that you do not know much about the movement except that they are patriots: For through the divine art of subtlety and secrecy, digital soldiers will be invisible, un-targeted and hence will drive the political opponent to failure in the field of information warfare. Make sure your secret brand is always Anonymous in order to trump the cards…

In Political Digital Warfare, practice dissimulation and you will succeed – so blend with your target group so well that group members will believe that you think in the same way and, as they will never figure you out, you will always be one step ahead of them.

Strengthen group identity to the Mystery Brand through Visual Identity (clothing, flags), Emotional Identity (music), Religious Identity (the moral ground that will bind the target group to the leader even in life and death situations), Group Identity (such as race), Psychological Identity (beliefs that are owned through the use of buzzwords that will increase the sense of identification to the group).

2) Digital Civil War – turn your digital marketing campaign into a “Digital Civil War”: Remember that your target group consists of “civilians,” therefore work on group identification buzzwords such as “patriot” so that civilians will feel such ownership of your political party that they will be attracted to it.

Use a large proportion of political funding for covert operations – to fund an international and un-related team of Digital Social Media Warriors who will spread “secret information” that will create adherence to a “cause” that the political leader is fighting. It will become an effective propaganda tool: at first, people will follow the Leader while keeping an emotional distance, but in time people will feel attuned to the leader and will do anything for the "cause." When followers own the Brand/Political identity as being a part of who they are, they will become so loyal that they will pledge their lives for the cause.

Teams are to appear to be un-related lone individuals with “high-level contacts” who want to share “life-threatening” secret knowledge – this will ensure that messages will be shared in order to get a multiplier effect that will create a global movement. Never let your digital soldiers know your "Plan" but only send them “intelligence” that contains more questions than answers. Try to induce high levels of stress. Subconsciously, the target audience will see patterns and will establish links between what they think they see and their understanding of the outside world - everything they see will be a cause of anxiety that will suspend objective thinking. Then, motivate your Digital Army to bond to the party with a marching chant that they will keep repeating like a mantra – like “Where we go One, we go All!”

3) Tactical Content Creation:

First, know your “enemy”/target group by getting close to them and by speaking the same language - If you know yourself but not your “enemy”: for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat.

Second, clearly define the behavioral change required and define how the fears of the target group can be manipulated in order to induce the required behavior.

Third, create a Misinformation Campaign: Misinformation is verifiable information that is shared with an inaccurate interpretation. Analyze the target group in order to use its fears to encourage “popular discontent” - the content that will then be created will get them hooked for more information… Combine persuasion with a “credible threat” – when you control minds, you control behavior and faithfulness. Messages must be consistent and must not contradict each other in order to be credible in the long-term. Content should create a sense of anticipation (something is imminent: a disclosure or an event) about a hope that will counter the fear that was created.

Content should always contain half-truths so the target will be unable to discern between the truth and the lie - this will create suspension of disbelief: This is a "Trump truth-hyperbole" describing a form of exaggeration where a truth is twisted to create a marketing concept that contains aggrandization - something “GREAT” or “HUGE.” Be bold when it comes to twisting “verifiable information” that will change the perception of the target group - think “BIG” so the information that is manipulated becomes “exciting” and therefore becomes a very effective form of self-promotion. Afterwards, if you say the lie often enough through seemingly un-related individuals, people will believe it, for it is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.

Use “real global news events” and say that they are due to a “hidden truth” and that they should not believe the “official narrative” – this will work well to make them distrust the media and to give them a sense of impending doom from which the only person who can save them is their political leader. Make sure the content created gives a sense of shock so it becomes “news-worthy” – it will increase the popularity of the Brand/Political Party and it will also become profitable for Digital Warriors as it will increase their subscriber-base. The “paranoid style” works best for content to be received emotionally – your Brand, such as Q, will then spread like wildfire and you will become the Storm…

Be cryptic and vague with your information, then you will always have a satisfying answer to counter attacks from your opponents and this will give you a “tactical advantage.”

4) Target-group - Make sure you tell your target group that they should un-follow other news sources by calling them “fake news” as you have “high-level intelligence” about what is "really" playing-out, so you are the only reliable source of information – repeat this constantly so that they believe it. Each person who shares your information needs to feel he is part of a “disclosure movement of Life and Death importance” so that they become dedicated to sharing the information and will create a “global movement.”

5) Create Suspense “disclose” new information regularly enough and end by saying that a “HUGE disclosure” is “coming soon” - this will faithfulness to your Brand/Political Party. In order to be convincing, make the target group believe that the Brand/Political Party is the only one that has the solution to the problem.

When the target group spends its time digging deeper into the “secrets” disclosed that are of “life-threatening importance,” they will spend their time sharing “critical information” and will become isolated from their peers - this will bond the target group to the “group of initiates” and will self-reinforce each other’s fears and call-to-action.

They then will become even more receptive to further messages that can slowly become “wilder” by increasing their fears. They will then keep “searching for secret clues” until it becomes addictive and they cannot stop thirsting for more “information.” Information must always end with a stressful “imminent disclosure” to keep the group eager for more. The “imminent disclosure” must always be about shocking information concerning what they fear the most.

By increasing the level of stress of the target group, feelings of anger against the political opponents will appear – this will give the leader the permission to perform acts that the outside world will perceive as crazy but that the group will perceive as being right in a moral sense, for they will see their leader as their savior in a battle of Good versus Evil.

If on one hand, there is exacerbated fear of the world around them and on the other, there is constant affirmation of love by the political leader - then this will create such faithfulness that the leader will be able to get his followers to do absolutely anything for him. His followers will turn into his “army” - this is because the target group will be full of a sense of impending doom. The more emotional they become, the more faithful they will be to your content and therefore to your Brand/Political Party – faithfulness will keep them going in circles for they will never come to a satisfying conclusion. This is because they will never get a different outlook through a different news source that will break the spell of Political Digital Warfare. Thus, by constantly holding out baits/clues, the Digital Army and its followers will keep marching for the Political Party.

6) Create a Home Brand/Partymake your Digital Warriors take the digital soldiers “oath of allegiance” so they will feel that they are of extreme importance as they are part of an army that will “defend Freedom of Information” and the Political Party's “cause” at national level. When the “cause” is interpreted using the target group’s religious beliefs, they will obey religiously. Make them feel important: say they are “very special people.” This will result in a split between their individual identity and identity with the Brand/Political Party.

7) Have Faith in your Brand/in Yourself ONLYDo not have faith in another power but only in your own power. Do not give up, do not back down, do not surrender. If people are talking badly about your Brand, it will become news-worthy and successful as the Brand Identity is being disseminated for free.

8) Confuse your Political Opponent – Appear at crisis points where the opponent must hasten to defend, then march swiftly to places where you are not expected to deal the next blow – thus, your opponent will never know what to defend… You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack in areas which are un-defended. If you wish to attack a certain area, all you need to do is attack elsewhere where the opponent will be obliged to counter-attack. The area you wish to attack must be impossible to guess so your opponent will not be able to prepare himself. Confuse him and distribute his forces in many directions, you will then weaken your enemy. If you do not wish to fight, all you need to do is to throw your opponent off-balance by saying something odd and unaccountable… Let your plans be as dark and impenetrable as the night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt!

9) Do Not be a LoserLosers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed. It is precisely when you have received what seems like a "deadly blow" that you will be able to strike that final blow that will gain you victory.

Attack is better than defense: Accuse your political opponent of doing exactly what you plan to do. It will give your target group a sense that you are one step ahead of the game: that you “know it all.” This will increase the “mystery” of the Brand/Political Party and make it more desirable. When you accuse your opponent of doing what you intend to do, work on exacerbating the fears of the target group so they will always believe that your political opponent is “Evil” and that you will save them for the imminent “danger”. When the brain perceives a threat, the thoughts become uncontrollable and focus on the “fight mode” in a disorderly fashion as high stress levels short-circuit objective thinking. Increase the stress-level of your followers with the idea of a Life and Death situation – as a response on “fight mode” makes it easy to direct a group towards the desired action, however extreme it may be.

10) The Deadly Blow – When your political opponent has driven a seemingly "deadly blow" to your Political Party, then is the perfect time to use the “Victimization Process” of the leader: this will give your group members the desire to stand by their leader unconditionally and will increase their anger against your political opponents – NOW the stage is set perfectly for you to deal your political opponent the Deadly Blow…

Since your Digital Warriors have been busy disseminating your propaganda until it has driven their followers to a frenzy, group thinking will have reached psychosis level – their followers will be ready to do anything their leader says to get them out of a Life and Death situation which they truly believe they are in. This is the red line that the political leader can cross in order to achieve the aim of remaining a leader indefinitely and even to expand his dominion into an empire… For his followers will be willing to die for the “cause” as they think that they have nothing to lose – death becomes acceptable and the Political Party then becomes a death cult.

In order to drive the Deadly Blow to your political opponent, whether the aim is to crush the very existence of an opposition forever or to storm a building, first you need an army that is ready to die to keep you as a leader, then you need to have insider knowledge about the opponent's door-keepers who may be converted to the “cause” - they are the most important element, because on them depends the army’s ability to move.

To Conclude

The skillful tactician may be likened to a snake: If the opponent strikes at its head, the snake will strike with its tail, just as the left hand helps the right.

So it will be, just as in a West Asian Fable that describes how a political leader successfully obtains the unconditional faith of his followers: “The forest was shrinking, but the Trees kept voting for the Axe… For the Axe was clever! And convinced the Trees that, because his handle was wood, he was one of them…”

The article contains quotes from Sun Tzu "The Art of War"

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