Kundalini Awakening - Counterfeit Holy Spirit

When we think, and we feel emotions, we are a consciousness - that consciousness of our own existence dwells in our soul. As our soul resides in our spiritual body, it may leave our physical body. Whether our soul is in our physical body or out of our body temporarily or permanently, it is the real ‘I’ and it is true to say: ‘I am my soul.’

Our life, which makes us a living soul, is in our blood. This life is received as the breath of life given by God. This breath of life is a deposit of the Holy Spirit of God, which is why the soul is capable of having feelings like compassion, sadness and love, that all stem from having the deposit of God’s consciousness that becomes our conscience.

When a person uses his conscience instead of believing and obeying spirits, he has an inner awareness that is the Holy Spirit of discernment between truth that leads to life and lies that lead to death. An undefiled conscience gives the person freewill and self-control, it allows the person to see the inner battle for his soul, whereas a person whose conscience is seared allows spirits to control his life and gives away his free-will.

The Greek term for ‘conscience’ is ‘suneidésis’ and it means "to know, to see". The conscience gives the soul the capacity to discern the truth from lies and to retain the consciousness of being made in the image of God. A person may have a conscience that is weakened by submitting to ungodly behaviour. This will in turn create suffering or temptation for another person who may allow his conscience to be weakened, instead of resisting the temptation like anger or lust. A person who can resist deception has a strong conscience that is undefiled and that is therefore able to use free-will to choose eternal life.

The Hebrew term for ‘heart’ means ‘self-awareness’, as consciousness is linked to the capacity to feel compassion instead of being heartless. The pangs of the conscience are felt in the heart and the person is led to repent of sin to choose everlasting life, which is why we must above all else, guard our heart for it is the wellspring of life.

If a person chooses to act against his conscience and to wilfully remain unrepentant, then that person has chosen to “blaspheme” against the Holy Spirit, which is the only unpardonable sin that leads to eternal Death. The opposite of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is to sanctify the spirit by choosing what is godly over what is ungodly as a way of life, by choosing to repent and to come back to the way of righteousness whenever there is a seed of doubt that our ways will lead to eternal death.

The Hebrew term for ‘soul’ is ‘nephesh’, meaning ‘a living being’, ‘self’, ‘emotions’, ‘passion’. The soul has the capacity to desire, to loathe, to be bitter and to be thirsty. The Greek term for soul is ‘psuché’ meaning ‘to breathe’ and ‘individual personality’ that is linked to the heart and mind of a person, but it is also the seat of affections, it is the selfish self: It is the « I will » and the « I am » dogma from Satanism, the « Do what you will » law of Satan that is guided by emotions. Therefore, the discernment of the conscience that is guided by the Holy Spirit is needed to make choices that will not ultimately lead us to decisions that seem to be wise but that are ungodly and that lead to the death of the soul. A person who is guided by his/her emotions is soulish and is not guided by Godly discernment, while a person who is spiritual is guided by the Word of God, that is breathed by the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit divides the soul – where a person may be led by spirits, from the spirit – where a person is led by the Word of God: ‘The words that I speak, they are Spirit and they are Life.’

The Greek term for ‘spirit’ is ‘pneuma’ meaning ‘breath’, but it can be holy if it is breathed by the Word of God or unholy if it is breathed by the word of a spirit. The spirit is the disposition that fills and governs the soul, it is the source of its power and affection. The soul can have only two sources of power and affection: it can be from an unclean spirit that ultimately kills the soul, or from the Holy Spirit that pours eternal Life into the soul.

The study of Pneumatology is the study of “the Word of the Holy Spirit". The Greek word “pneuma” translated into Hebrew becomes “ruach” that means “breath of Life” or “Spirit of Life”. The Holy Spirit is the breath of life that makes a person become a living soul, while its absence leads to the death of the soul. God gives the breath of life to all living things and each human being can choose life or death.

If we choose to follow Satan via worldly beliefs and pursuits above all else, we are led to sin against the Holy Spirit of God. With the practice of each sin, we are wilfully giving over the control of our mind to a demonic stronghold and we have less self-control. With time, our soul becomes occupied by multiple personalities, that remain hidden to our awareness until they have a stronghold. These entities are demons which are specific to each type of practice that is against the Word of God. With time, if we do not resist the temptation to sin, the most powerful of our demons, the strong-man, is able to take full control of our mind and body. Ultimately, if we do not repent and turn away from dangerous practices, we are choosing to reject the truth of the Word of God and to be a slave to sin, until the period of Grace ends, and we have to endure the eternal judgment of God against sin when our soul is transferred to the kingdom of Satan.

If a person sells his soul to the devil, then he/she is altogether transferred in his spiritual body to hell. Then, as there is a new host in the body, it takes a different name and has a different personality and different abilities. This new soulless being is the one which will have fame, power and riches. If the person has children, this entity then has full authority over their souls, meaning the power to ensure their bodies are prepared to also receive a demonic host. This power is forfeited when the children choose to follow the Living God who gives them victory over death.

A soulless being has no conscience, as it is just a dead body that appears to be alive through demonic powers. A creature without a soul may mimic emotions, it may say words like ‘I love you’ in order to gain control over you, but it is unable to feel empathy as this only comes when a person has the Holy Spirit that breathes life into the soul.

No normal human being just sells his/her soul to Satan, which is why the powers and authorities of darkness work hard on breaking down the person’s consciousness until the person’s heart is hardened and is unable to feel compassion and love. A hardened heart will first feel anger and bitterness, followed by indifference towards the suffering of other beings. When the demons have managed to elicit such reactions, they can work on twisting the thought processes and by tempting slowly and surely that person to choose the many ways of the occult.

Through manipulation and deception, that person will be unable to discern the difference between Good and Evil and will slowly lose the control of his mind to the demonic entities that have become attached to his body until they have merged completely. It is only after the process of unconsciously submitting to the will of unclean spirits, that the person loses his free-will. A person who refuses to use his conscience to weigh his thoughts and who will submit completely to the influence of unclean spirits will lose his free-will. He is hell-bent, an unconscious form of suicide that may lead a person to surrender his/her life completely to Satan. It is a death process that has started a long way back, until the silver cord between the spiritual and physical body is severed and the soul has lost the opportunity of going to the Kingdom of God. In the case of meditation and out of body travel, when the spiritual body wilfully leaves the physical body, the demons have a wide-open door to enter the body. With the purpose of building a stronghold inside the person’s mind, the spirits will create visions, they will transmit deceptive messages and give supernatural experiences to the host; who is led to believe that he is evolving, when his soul is really dying.

A normal human being whose conscience is still undefiled and who does not know the law of God, will live by nature according to the law of God. When this is the case, it is the evidence that the work of the law is written in his heart and his conscience has the capacity to provide discernment to his thoughts which can accuse or else excuse one another, whenever necessary. His conscience is pure and sensitive to feelings such as compassion and sorrow in the core or heart of his being.

On the other hand, a human being whose heart has been defiled through the process of the hardening of the heart, is a person whose conscience will not be able to provide discernment through the natural process of suffering and temptation. He will therefore accept thoughts and practices that are suggestions planted by unclean spirits and that will slowly distort his capacity to discern between Good and Evil, until his conscience becomes seared. Evil spirits cook-up thoughts and beliefs that are unclean and that will influence the person to unconsciously follow the path of Evil that will eventually sear the conscience.

A conscience that is “seared” is rendered insensitive as though it was cauterized with a branding iron. This burnt conscience is the Mark of the Beast and it leads the person to live in a way that is unholy, that is against the law of God and that slowly snuffs out the life in the person’s soul until it is completely ruled by demons. This is the abomination of desolation, as God created the human body to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is the breath of life that makes a person become a living soul that can go on to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, when a person’s conscience is seared until he loses his free-will and his soul is ransomed by Satan, it is to suffer eternal torment.

Spirit-cooking is the process whereby a person accepts and follows the teachings of spirits, instead of using his conscience that allows him to discern between Good and Evil. That person will lose the conscience of sin and thus loses God’s hedge of protection against the death of the soul.

Spirit-cooking takes place through the wiles of teaching spirits that result in the propagation of wrong beliefs due to misinterpretation. Synonyms of misinterpretation are to: cook, distort, twist, bend, pervert, camouflage, confuse, to alter the meaning, to change what is Holy so that it is no longer what it should be. Spirit-cooking causes a person’s understanding to be darkened, his mind to be unholy and the deposit of the Holy Spirit inside his spirit to be cauterized, charred, snuffed out, choked by sprouting seeds planted by the enemy, while his conscience is deadened, and his heart is hardened, until his whole being lies in the Kingdom of Darkness. To cauterize means to brand with a branding iron – from the Latin “cautērizāre” - “to brand” and from the Greek “kautḗr” - “branding iron” - this is like a seal or a mark on the person’s spirit that is the mark of the Beast. It is the mark of a reprobate mind and a degenerate being, as the spirit is no longer regenerated by scriptural Truth that is breathed by the Holy Spirit of God. A spirit that is cauterized and a conscience that is seared will lead to the misinterpretation of scriptural Truth and this will in turn lead to a misrepresentation of the character of God: by debasing His character and His divine Holiness, by implying carnal or earthly characteristics, by debasing the perfection of God’s integrity.

There is a difference between being led by our own spirit that is quickened by the Holy Spirit and being led by a spirit that is a foreign body. A spirit that is independent from our own spirit is part of Satan’s army of teaching spirits, the Special Forces. This commando from the confederation of light comprising principalities and powers is the most dangerous one as its capacity for counterfeiting the Holy Spirit is such that it may even deceive the elect, as Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. God has allowed Satan free rein to sift each person on Earth, to make him undergo the trial of fire that will determine if he is able to overcome evil and to choose the Life breathed by the Word of God.

All those who are deceived by the supernatural forces of the confederation of light are de facto enrolled in their army. These spirits use camouflage and lies to possess the body for the final battle between Good and Evil that is also known as Armageddon. God’s advice against such deception that even the elect could be deceived is very clear: ‘He that overcomes, and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations’ – Revelation 2:26. The scriptures are the foundation stone of the "faith once for all delivered unto the saints". The name of the Bible, that reads from Genesis to Revelation, is translated into the name the “Book of Life” in Arabic and this is the only book that has the capacity to preserve from deception and eternal death - "Book of Life, an interpretive translation" (in Arabic, كتاب الحياة ترجمة تفسيرية - kitāb al-ḥayāh tarjamah tafsīriyyah).

As the ‘breath of life’ that makes man become a living soul is in his blood, when a person rebels against the Word of God, unclean spirits attach to his soul, that is in his blood, and God allows these spirits to be transferred down the generational line to the 3rd and 4th generation. This generational curse happens because God’s Word says that the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children. Each person’s blood-line and soul are therefore affected by the sins of the fathers. This means that a person’s soul is in an unclean habitat that interpenetrates the person’s character. God has however provided the possibility for the spiritual home of the soul to be purged with the pure blood of Jesus, when he becomes our spiritual father and we then have a new blood-line. As Jesus Christ poured his undefiled blood for the remission of sins and victory over death for those who would choose Him as spiritual father, we may choose to allow Him to purge our conscience from dead works to serve the Living God.

The lies of the enemy of our souls lead to death and it is only by constantly studying and obeying the Word of God that we will know the truth and we will be slowly but surely delivered from the influence of evil spirits. The conscious decision to resist temptation, to forgive all the people who make us suffer and not to let the sun set on our anger, will ensure that our hearts cannot be hardened, and our conscience cannot be cooked by evil spirits.

Whatever the nature of our sin, the only unforgivable sin is to renounce the Holy Spirit. Therefore, any person who wishes to turn away from the path that leads to eternal torment may turn to the Living God. Jesus Christ gave his life in exchange for the soul of each person who is willing to turn to him and to share his victory over death.

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you, life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life, that both you and your seed may live:

That you may love the LORD your God, and that you may obey his voice”. “If so be that you have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus: That you put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that you put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another. Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil.