How to keep Faith in God – How not to lose Faith when God doesn’t answer Prayers

We fight the good fight of faith as soldiers of Jesus Christ, for we know that loss of Faith is due to misunderstanding about the Nature of God… We know that, if we do not fight the battle of Faith, we will naturally lean upon our own understanding of God’s Word and of our merits due to our own hard spiritual work… All this is founded on sand – on our experiences – instead of founding our Faith on the bedrock of a factual understanding of the Nature of God.

When we ask for God’s intervention through prayers, we think that God will answer our prayers if we do hard spiritual work, if we multiply prayers with tears and practice sacrifice in order to reach God’s ears and approval. However, by doing all this, we focus on our hopes and fears and, what all this is really about, is the practice of self-deception which will reach a crisis point where we will naturally lose our Faith in God…

Faith that is founded on sand is based upon our own understanding of ourselves and is conditional to what we expect from God… Faith that is founded on the Rock, that is Jesus, is based on the factual knowledge of the Nature of God: Only then will it not waver with our experience-based understanding.

We have Faith in facts about the Nature of God: God made flesh is Jesus Christ who came to Earth in order to accomplish the Justice of God, for it was only by giving His sinless life as a sacrifice for our sinful lives, that we could have redemption through His blood. Through the life of Jesus Christ, we know that God practices self-sacrifice for the Love of us; that He is meek, gentle, kind, moved to tears in the face of suffering and that He is forgiving. We know that He is sinless for in Him there is no Evil, no wickedness, no vindictiveness, no unfaithfulness and that He is obedient to death on the cross in order to proclaim victory over Death through resurrection! We see that God is Love and that in Him is no darkness at all, for in Him is the light of Life! We know that His Salvation is not conditional for, while we were still sinners, He died for our sins… Therefore, He will not save us because of our works but simply because we put our trust in Him…

When we decide to stop founding our Faith on sand, we stop identifying with our sinful selves, but we identify in Jesus Christ. It is only then that we are able not to lean upon our own understanding of our experiences, so we may take up our cross in order to follow Jesus without feeling like a victim. Our eyes are then focused on the cross of Christ: Just like those who followed Moses who were bitten by snakes but did not die, for they kept their eyes focused on the cross of Salvation and that simple act of Faith saved them from certain death. During their experience of temptation in the desert, they did not focus so much on the fact that they were attacked by deadly snakes, that they would lose their Faith in God... Loss of Faith and spiritual Death are the stakes of Spiritual Warfare and we have victory when we stop fighting God with Faith that is conditional. If our Faith is conditional, we may end-up doing what Job’s wife told him to do when his Faith was tried: To curse God and die… We therefore must endure hardship as good soldiers of Jesus Christ!

When our Faith is unconditional, we do not focus on our experiences, but we focus on the cross of Jesus Christ, the proof of His Love for us! Unconditional love produces Faith.

When we focus on our knowledge of the Nature of God, our Faith is based on a fact that is unchangeable, so we do not allow our experiences to condition our understanding of God. This knowledge is the reason for a Faith that is the link that binds us to God! It is a bond that cannot be broken by experiences meant to try our Faith, as the Nature of our Faith is the very Nature of God!

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