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Comparative study of Coronavirus/COVID-19 & 5G impact at inception: Acute Respiratory Distress figures compared to 5G roll-out globally More and more consumers breathing in 5G technology are now breathlessly experiencing the promises of 5G…

The 5G rollout is now well underway and led globally by China, South Korea, Japan and Italy in Europe. China, the global leader has the first and most cases of Acute Respiratory Distress, which the authorities first dubbed Coronavirus and now name COVID-19. In 2018, the 5G roll-out started in Wuhan as pilot-city for China with 59 – 64 GHz.

By February 2020, in China, over 77,000 people were affected and 2,442 have died: In China, the 5G roll-out started in 2018 in Wuhan as pilot-city with 59 – 64 GHz which three operators have deployed in around 100,000 base stations. The people of China are now beginning to experience the initial pangs of 5G…

5G technology has Oxygen Absorption Properties as from 60 GHz. It has an impact on molecules as it causes electrons surrounding oxygen molecules to spin and prevents dioxygen, that is used in cellular respiration, from binding with hemoglobin so that oxygen cannot be carried to the rest of the body. A scientific study describing how 5G technology prevents oxygen from reaching the human organism is described in the book “Magneto-biology underlying physical problems” by V. Binhi.

Prior to global 5G roll-out, no research was done to determine the Health and Safety impact of 5G technology. Meanwhile, 26,000 scientists oppose 5G roll-out and the first cases of Acute Respiratory Distress globally are all located in 5G hotbeds.

The most common symptoms of what the authorities have dubbed COVID-19 are: Acute Respiratory Distress including arrhythmia (electrical impulses may happen erratically, causing the heart to beat erratically), dry cough (therefore not flu), fatigue, myalgia (muscle pain), dyspnea (shortness of breath), dizziness, bluish skin-tone (that the skin can develop if the body is not getting enough oxygen). If pneumonia were to be diagnosed, the lungs would have been filled with fluid causing cough with phlegm. However, the symptom of this global health issue is a dry cough.

A below-normal level of oxygen in the blood is often experienced by people with breathing or circulation problems. The symptoms of low blood oxygen levels are: Frequent cough, choking sensation, wheezing, shortness of breath while resting, waking-up out of breath and a bluish discoloration of the skin.

Acute Respiratory Distress figures at inception globally compared to 5G roll-out:

China: Reported 77,150 cases and 2,592 deaths: In 2018, the 5G roll-out started in Wuhan as pilot-city for China with with 59 – 64 GHz. Three operators deployed around 100,000 base stations. China also built the world’s largest radio telescope in Guizhou, a town in the Hubei province where Wuhan is the capital.

Diamond Princess cruise ship: Around 130 cases and 2 deaths - virus transmission occurred even with the quarantine process on the ship. The Princess Cruises line invested $ 450 million for their MedallionNet 5G technology across the global fleet with millimeter waves coming from 20 MEO Mid-Earth Orbiting satellites that surround the equator to cover 80% of Earth’s surface.

South Korea: 833 people were affected and 8 people have died: South Korea has been leading the 5G revolution with 57 – 64 GHz. South Korea launched the world's first nationwide 5G mobile in April 2019.

Japan: More than 130 people were affected and four have died: SoftBank is busy launching its commercial 5G service with 57 – 66 GHz. The Bank of Japan governor said that if the virus outbreak persists it may have a big impact on Japan and global economies through supply chain disruptions.

Iran: With 61 people affected and 12 deaths, it has the largest number of fatalities of any country outside China: Their 5G deployment started in March 2019, where Irancell in collaboration with Ericsson, performed their first test in Tehran and, since then, it is being rolled-out.

Thailand: 35 cases: With AIS (Advanced Info Service), the country's largest mobile phone operator, busy rolling-out 5G.

United States: 35 cases: 5G is being deployed across sub 6 and millimeter wave for nationwide coverage with 57.05 – 64 GHz.

Taiwan: 26 cases, including one death: The value of Taiwan 5G productions will be worth U$ 134 billion. Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom deployed the 5G network in the beginning of 2019.

Malaysia: 22 cases: 5G is being used for smart traffic lights, smart security & smart parking.

Australia: 17 cases: Australia Telstra is launching 1,200 5G sites by March 2020 with 59.4 – 62.9 GHz.

Vietnam: 16 cases: The country rushed to adopt 5G in 2019 with Viettel, the country’s largest mobile carrier.

United Arab Emirates: 11 cases: 5G became available via Etisalat UAE in May 2019.

Canada: 8 cases: Canada's Telus Mobility is busy launching the 5G network.

Singapore: 5 people affected: Singapore is busy rolling-out its commercial 5G services. Singapore announced that they initially invested around $30 million for 5G.


The “coronavirus” has arrived in Europe: The first people to be affected are in Milan and Turin, with 2.3 million inhabitants. The first case of Acute Respiratory Distress was in Turin. Turin, in Italy, is the first 5G city in Europe...

Italy: 228 cases, 6 deaths: With TIM (Telecom Italia) making 5G available in Naples, Rome and Turin as of July 5, 2019. In northern Italy, towns are on lockdown after a jump in cases. Over 50,000 residents in 11 towns now face complete lockdown. The Ministry of Health stated that the person identified as “zero patient”, that is the manager who returned from China on January 21st, who would have infected the 38 year old sportsman from Codogno, has tested negative... As of now, it is not even known where the infection started…

Germany: 16 cases: Trial 5G installations began in 2018 with a commercial launch in 2020. Deutsche Telekom in Berlin, Darmstadt, Munich, Bonn, and Cologne in September 2019. Cases of Acute Respiratory Distress are in the Bavaria region where Munich is located.

France: 12, including one death: Orange has launched 5G pilots in Lille, Douai, Marseille, and Châtillon. Commercial 5G is now being rolled-out.

Britain: 13 cases: The UK's largest network operator, EE, was the first to launch 5G in the UK in May 2019 starting in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, and Manchester, with several other cities joining before 2020.

The EC announced that every Member State will identify at least one major city to be ‘5G- enabled’ by the end of 2020 and that all urban areas and major terrestrial transport paths will have uninterrupted 5G coverage by 2025. Meanwhile, MEO (Mid-Earth Orbiting satellites), the company providing 5G technology to the Princess Cruises line, is working on accelerating 5G roll-out globally via satellite…

While Italy invested €11 billion on 5G technology, Europe is working on rolling-out 57 – 66 GHz with the impact already having pandemic repercussions. With 28 Member States in the European Union, expect many more breath-taking announcements like this in the weeks and months ahead…

From China and South Korea, to Australia, Europe and the U.S., more and more consumers breathing in 5G technology are now breathlessly beginning to experience the initial promises of 5G for themselves…

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